"Head Gear"

6" by 6" - Smalti, Eco Smalti, mosaic gold
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I finally have new boards cut for my daily mosaics, and so have a few new sizes to choose from, rather than the endless 6" by 7". I went really out on a limb, as you can see, and chose a 6" by 6" board today. Interestingly enough, I went in the studio to produce something in green, blue, and yellow, and this is what happened. Sometimes I really don't think I get to choose what I do, it just happens.
Sort of like this name; this is what happens when I let my siblings help name a mosaic. It was "Head Gear" or "Chiclets on Magma". Hmmmm.....


LucieP said…
chicklets on magma ! Ooo, I'm sorry to hear that was only the runner-up!

This one is really vibrant, I love it!