Winding Down

45mm by 15mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
$275 USD

This time of year in Perissa is always a little bit bittersweet. The season is ending for another summer. One by one the restaurants, shops, and bars shutter their doors for the winter, and fewer and fewer people tour the island or play in the Aegean waters. With the closure, however, comes a relaxing, like a too tight ponytail that has finally been let down. Workers, many of whom have not had a day off since April or May, are finally free to sleep in, stay up late, and enjoy the island on their own terms. Business owners can finally let go of the stress they've been shouldering for months. Even the beach seems glad to have more exposure, and fewer sun beds.

Of course, with the winding down, comes a looking forward. Winter plans are made, friends are bid adieu, and if you've had a good sumnmer, there's money to be spent. This year everyone has been blessed with the most incredible fall weather too. Here we are, in late October, and it could be mid September with how warm both days and nights have been. 

As to my own looking forward, I am heading back to Canada after the first week of November. Almost immediately upon arrival, I will be teaching one of the first workshops I've taught in Canada in YEARS. The basic details are:

Mosaic Jewelry with Margo Anton
Date: Nov 12, 2023
Times: 10-5pm
Location: Kemporium Art Space, Edmonton, AB

Participants will work on a pieces of mosaic jewelry, choosing from a selection of bases. This workshop is suitable for all levels. More information and a link to register here.

It's a bit last minute, but based on early interest, the class will likely fill, so if you're keen to join, please let Kemporium Art Space know! The workshop is also timed for holiday gift giving, or you can just make something for yourself to show off at upcoming gatherings. 

The venue, Kemporium Art Space, is run by an avid mosaic artist and fine crafter, and hosts a variety of workshops. She's currently working on getting a mailing list up and running, and I'm sure she'd be thrilled if you wanted to join the list and stay abreast of mosaic and other art happenings in Edmonton. If you want to be on the Kemporium mailing list, let me or her know (her email is on her Facebook page) and I'll pass your information along.