Too Cold to Swim

14mm by 10mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
$220 USD

Since arriving back on Santorini, life has been very busy. My love always hits the ground running upon arrival, gearing up for the new season ahead, painting, decorating, cleaning, and making repairs to his restaurant that has been shut up over the winter months. I leap into prepping and stocking the house, which has also been shut for 5 months, making it a pleasant place to be. So. Much. Laundry. 

In addition to the seasonal prep work, I also launched right into creating the many custom orders I received while touring Australia. Those behind me now, I can finally start making to sell here again, including this pair of earrings! It's truly been months since I was able to do that and build up a bit of stock! Don't let that stop you if you were considering a custom order though, I truly have such fun making people something special that is exactly what they want.

On top of all this, preparations are under way for my inaugural Santorini workshop, starting in just over 5 weeks. I am so very excited to be welcoming people to "my island", to share my knowledge not only of mosaic, but of this unique place. So this has entailed lots of emailing, materials gathering, document writing, and presentation creation. 

I keep telling myself that I'll take a day off sometime soon, but that never seems to materialise. Ah well, it's been too cold to swim anyway.