Island Time

14mm diameter - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
$250 USD

Like last year, I did manage to get to Greece to see my beloved Santorini, and my beloved Kosta. My time was a great deal more enjoyable, owing to lessened restrictions, more tourists and friends visiting, less uncertainty, and for my personal part, a whole lot less physical pain. The weather stayed blissfully warm late in the season, the wine seemed more delicious, and our apartment more liveable as a new wee kitchen was put in over the previous winter.

 I was terribly sad to leave in the end. This was surprising, as I am often ready for the next adventure by the time my visit is up, and looking forward to a change. I am now back to Canada, where I will spend the winter. Yes, I am fully aware I have this all wrong, and should avoid Canadian winter, but such is life! Among other things, I will be working on setting up potential teaching gigs, and seeing what new opportunities I can find.

One thing that I will be doing at the start of 2022 is raising prices on my jewelry. I have kept my prices the same for over 7 years, but the rising cost of materials plus general inflation means I can no longer absorb the increases. However, UNTIL 2022, my prices are staying the same, including on custom orders, so take advantage of the current pricing before it goes up! All available work is on my website, and there is still time for a few custom orders for holiday gift giving.