Unusual Behaviour

14mm by 10mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver

As a nomad, I don't own a lot. When you carry everything from place to place, you don't tend to accumulate things, so any shopping tendencies I may have once had have been pretty much kiboshed at this point. I've come to enjoy having fewer possessions, and try to only purchase things I need or adore and serve a function. 

Which is why it's highly amusing to me that I've been doing (for me) a lot of shopping since arriving in Canada and quarantining. Obviously this is online shopping, but I've placed three orders so far with items in yet another shopping cart! What's even more amusing is the motley assortment of items I am purchasing. The skin care products make perfect sense—I have my favourites that I use in Europe, but I leave them there, and now have to acquire what I use when in Canada. But the fact that I have purchased a rated-to-minus-50ÂșC down parka AND a bikini in the same week is nothing short of priceless. It's practical and impractical, realistic and ridiculous all at the same time. 

And if you, like me, feel like doing some shopping, just a reminder that my pre-Christmas sale is still happening through Monday, Nov 30. All my mosaic jewelry and any custom orders placed until then are 10% off. Treat a loved one—or yourself—to a little festive bling!