48mm by 35mm - Mosaic gold, vintage Venetian glass cabochon in sterling silver

So apparently in addition to all my mosaic jewelry being 10% off, it's also Greek word week. Today's word of the day is "meraki". The word has no English counterpart; it is the soul, creativity, and love that you put into something, basically putting the essence of yourself into your work. I like to think that all my pieces are made with meraki, whether they be fancier works like this one, or a simple pendant (truth be told, making some of those simple pendants make my soul SING). I'm very lucky to have work that allows me to create with meraki.

In addition to meraki, I like to put a story into each of my pieces, as you've probably figured out. In the time of COVID, it's been harder to find stories as the days tend to be more similar to one another than my more nomadic life, but I hope I still manage to entertain and inspire. 

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