14mm by 10mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver

I've been quiet lately, because Santorini has been pretty darn perfect lately, and I know that won't last, so I have been playing instead of working. The weather has been a special kind of amazing, especially this late in the season. We've had high 20's (low 80's for my Fahrenheit folks out there), almost no wind, which is nearly unheard at this time of year, and a manageable amount of humidity. The sea has been like glass, and the evenings staying warm. Usually by now I'm in a sweater and a fashion scarf in the evenings. It may not have been a great season financially for the Greeks, but at least the weather is blowing them (and those of us lucky enough be here) one last kiss as it draws to a close. 

So I have been out and about, beaching, beering, boating, and basking in these all too perfect days.