Life's Funny Quirks

16mm diameter- Mosaic gold in sterling silver

Several years ago, I was on a mailing list for a writer. I just loved her work. It was gutsy, pulling no punches, talking about tough truths. I admired the hell out of her. It dawned on me awhile back that I hadn't gotten an email in a very long time from her. So much to the point that I couldn't remember the woman's name, but figured at some point it would come to me, or someday I'd take the time and search my archives. 

So today, I suddenly remember her name. It's Justine Musk. I google her, thinking I'd find her website readily. Nope, it's not anywhere near the top...because she used to be married to Elon Musk, and tons of articles about that dominateed the Google search. Somehow I had never put this together, or possibly when I received her newsletter, Elon Musk was not the household name he is today. Also, while she mentioned past relationships, she never used names. I didn't know she'd had 5 children and lost a child, that she is a Canadian. She was just an amazing writer who wrote badass stuff that spoke to me, not surprising as I was going through my divorce at the time. I like that I never knew those things before. She just got to be herself to me. Sometimes not knowing everything is a good thing. 

But now I get to read her work with fresh eyes, and I look forward to that. I eventually found her website, and front and centre is a sign up for her newsletter. I'm not sure why I ended up off her email list, but I'm back on it again now. Looking forward to hearing where she's at after a 5 year hiatus.