Walking in a Winter Wonderland

40mm by 25mm - Mosaic gold, quartz points in sterling silver

I have probably mentioned in the past that I am pretty adverse to the cold. I've never particularly enjoyed it, having nearly year round cold feet since I was a child, and when I lived in Canada, every October was met with trepidation, as I knew I wouldn't be properly warm internally for months. Add to that Raynaud's syndrome (an auto immune disorder that leaves me with numb, prickly fingers if I'm regularly cold), and it's no wonder that much of my nomadic life has been about avoiding Canadian winter. I am so NOT used to a Canadian winter that they should probably revoke my citizenship.

And now I am faced with a Canadian winter, quite possibly a WHOLE Canadian winter. The horror! The horror! Luckily for this winter wimp, the temperatures have been pretty darn balmy, and I've been able to get out for walks. In fact, it's been SO warm that I haven't even been able to take my spanky new parka out for a test!  I am blessed to be living right next to a ravine, and so the walks are rather pleasant on the whole, and not too much snow as yet. I'm still not looking forward to the deep freeze that is undoubtedly coming, but for now, I'll take the win!