There Are Golden Moments

48mm by 35mm - Mosaic gold, smalti, filati in sterling silver
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This pendant is reminiscent of an art piece "Amidst the Chaos, There are Golden Moments" that I created over 5 years ago. At the time, it was a commentary on the transition from being married with a house and a teaching studio, to divorced and nomadic. Life was a mess, 2014 was a crazy year, but somehow there were still moments of joy, bliss, and enjoyment.

I feel the same sort of thing applies these days. But rather golden moments amid complete chaos, it's glimpses of light through the monotony of days that bleed into each other. I'm lucky in that I have a person I love in my "shelter", and as things progress, hopefully more becomes possible. I'm lucky that my golden moments include laughter, good food that I get to cook (I don't always have access to to a kitchen so this is a treat), and I can still work and make attractive objects that make people smile.

This piece is still available in my first ever 10% sale, on now through May 17. Head on over to the page to check it out, plus numerous other pieces just waiting for a neck, ear, or finger to adorn. 

"Amidst the Chaos, There are Golden Moments"
20cm by 20cm - Mosaic gold, smalti, filati