Siga Siga

16mm by 12mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver

One of my favourite Greek words/phrases is "siga siga". The literal translation is "slowly slowly". In reality though, it's a state of mind. The Greeks aren't rushers. They take life pretty slowly, in essence I think, truly savouring it. Even those freddo cappuccinos I was talking about the other day, along with traditional Greek coffee, and the ubiquitous Greek frappe need to be enjoyed siga siga. You need to let the coffee grounds, or foam, or milk settle, and that won't happen in any way but to give it time. 

In many ways, this year has turned us all into siga siga connosieurs. Forward movement happens very slowly in the time of "stay home, save lives". The pace of life has slowed down for many of us. We've learned to appreciate the simple things, like going for walks, baking bread, and catching up (remotely) with friends. When life speeds up again, I hope I remember—like the Greeks do—to have some days of siga siga. 


I'd also like to announce that from November 24 to 30, I will be having a pre-Christmas sale on all my mosaic jewelry. So if you've been eying a piece for a gift or for yourself, now is a great time to purchase a one of a kind item for 10% off. There should be ample time for shipping as well for pieces to arrive before the holidays. I also have a couple of slots for any custom pieces you might be interested in, so if you don't see exactly what you want, let me know and I can make it happen! See all the available pieces here.