To Plan or Not to Plan

18mm by 13mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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I won't lie. I'm a planner. Drives some of the people around me nuts, and I admit I don't blame them. Sometimes I can muster spontaneity, but it's not truly my default modus operandi. It may look like I'm this free spirit who floats her way around the globe, but I confess, that's not often the case.

For example, I've just set down my phone to write this. I was reading restaurant reviews, and scoping out great places to eat for an upcoming trip. This trip is almost a month away. I intend to pick that phone up again after I finish this, and start researching more restaurants for another June. To be fair, there is a big birthday that drives this second search, but it's still a more than a little ridiculous, and I'm pretty sure my sister would rather I search out accommodation first. Sorry Lorna!

Possibly it's just my obsession with food, as I seem to research that aspect before I even research what to DO in a new place. Honestly though, one of the main reasons I travel is to eat food where it's supposed to be eaten, made with authentic, local ingredients . Sure, you can get great Greek food around the globe, but it's still best in Greece. Same with Italy, or France, or Thailand. Cheese tastes better in countries that make cheese, seafood tastes better with a sea view, and wine and beer taste best if they haven't had to travel as far to your table. 

Before everyone gets up in arms that I would deign to trust online reviews, I'm well aware that they have their limits. I rarely believe the very worst of them, nor the very best. I've learned how to read them, how to disqualify reviews, and what to look for. fAs such, I regularly end up eating at places so fabulous I book again for the next night, if schedule, budget, and mood allow. 

And sometimes, I do manage to let the wind take me and simply wander until I find a place that looks good. (Though sometimes I sneak a quick peek at the reviews while having a glass of wine before I order, so as to not miss out on any must try dish—I know, I know, I'm the worst).