Taking Care of Business

Mosaic 1cm diameter- Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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I admit I am a pretty thrifty person, though my sister would actually probably edit that read "cheap". However, lately I've realized I need to spend more money on myself in regards to my business. To that end, I've been replacing and purchasing a few things, and I have to laugh at myself in some ways that it has taken me so long to do so.

Take my mosaic cutters. You'd think that I would have some super high quality cutters that are terribly precise. Nope, until TODAY I have been using a pair that is almost 15 years old, misaligned, and with a very loose pivot. At a recent class, I tried out a new pair and holy crap, it was like the clouds parted and angels started singing. Yet I STILL debated whether to get a new pair, or to make do with my pair until I get back to Canada and can possible go through my stack of cutters to find a free replacement. I finally gave my head a shake and ordered a new pair. I'm in production mode at the moment, and I actually debated whether or not to make my life easier for the sake of a few bucks? I'm also making a promise to myself to rotate the wheels (this brings a fresh cutting edge, for you non mosaic making readers out there) at least every 2 weeks. I mean, it's ridiculous that I'd be not trying to make my life as easy as possible, right?

Which brings me to the other most important tool in my arsenal, my eyes. I do wear glasses and contact lenses, but about a year ago I was told could use reading glasses, and was offered the option of progressive lenses. I didn't bother, as the correction was slight. However, I got thinking this past autumn that it was time to consider a pair of glasses for work, and finally made that happen in January. They really do help. I still have single vision lenses for my regular glasses, but I now—when I remember, as I sometime don't—have reading glasses that I use just for working. 

I'm hoping that having these two new weapons at my disposal will help me get back up to my old work pace. I have been getting increasingly slow at making jewelry. To be fair, I think my work has gotten better, but I've also gotten far slower. Fingers crossed that I can make my life better simply by taking care of business!

As an aside, I make rings like the one shown here mostly on custom order. So if you're waiting for the perfect ring to pop up, please don't! Drop me a line and let me know what colour/s you might like. I make these in whole sizes 6-9, they are slightly curved outwards on the inside so the fit is super comfy, and I've yet to see a hand they don't flatter.