Man of the House

65mm by 20mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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For those of you in quarantine, isolation, and other physical distancing, I tell you, having a non human creature along for the ride is very helpful to avoid complete mental collapse. In our pandemic household, we have the inimitable Cooper, my sister's tabby cat. 

Cooper manages to be the topic of most conversations, and has recently been promoted to Head of the Shenanigans Department. And while I don't appreciate the 4:30am scratches at my door, the number of giggles this little dude gives me more than makes up for it. My sister gets the most feline love, but as "Back-up-Lorna" I am allowed to contribute the occasional tummy rub. 

As Head of Shenanigans, Cooper helps Lorna work from home by attacking things under her keyboard, disrupting her 10 times per day, and begging for attention when she is on the phone. Cooper also helps me by opening my drawer and removing my socks, sitting on top of my jewelry pieces, and trying to attack my feet when I'm on the stationary bike. There also a plethora of general supervision.

Our furry friends have much to teach us in this time of "shelter in place". I have learned that mealtimes have a sacredness to them, and should preferably happen earlier than scheduled, that blankets make everything better, and that underwear should not be left willy nilly on the floor. 

So world, meet Cooper, and if you have a four legged buddy of your own, give them a little scratch in their favourite spot for me. 
Cooper fascinated by Lorna's work from home set up

Why I now use a laundry hamper instead of the floor. Yes, those are my knickers.