What's Cooking?

10mm diameter - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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I live such a weird life that I can literally go months at a time without stepping foot in a kitchen. For some, I recognize that this would be some people's idea of heaven, but for me, it is not. Cooking is a creative outlet for me, and I'm a bit of a foodie, if you hadn't figured that out. Shopping for groceries is an enjoyable pastime, as is scrounging the Internet for a new recipe. I have a folder on my phone of photos of recipes I've taken from my cookbooks, so my favourite recipes can travel with me.

Delightfully, I am now in Australia, and my darling Kosta has set me up with a full kitchen⏤a major step up from the two burner plus microwave set up we had last year. I can finally cook to my heart's content, and Australia also has fabulous ingredients with which to play.

Tonight's menu? Well, we are starting off with salmon ceviche, currently marinating in the fridge. Then for the main, we are having rare seared yellowfin tuna steaks with a lemon, mustard, caper sauce over arugula and spinach. The double "rare fish" concept might be a wee bit of overkill, but everything at the fish market looked good. 

For at least the next while, dinner will be at home.

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