45mm by 15mm - Mosaic gold and filati in sterling silver
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I am sad today. I woke up this morning to the news, albeit expected, that my uncle Evan had passed on. Evan was a pretty special character. Born with Williams Syndrome, which went undiagnosed for years since it wasn't "a thing" yet, he lived a life that presented more challenges than a lot of us face. But face it he did, and with a sense of humour that with certain people, tended towards some pretty astute teasing. He liked construction sites, the library, going on the bus, and walking. He taught himself to play the organ by ear alone. As he was so much younger than my mother, and she had children young, he was almost more of an older sibling than an uncle in our family. 

One of his great joys was food, which made his late diagnosed esophageal cancer that much more heartbreaking, as he was not able to enjoy his favourites for many of his last months: diet Coke, pork ribs, and watermelon. 

Safe travels Evan. I'm sure there's watermelon waiting for you.