Sisters of Mercy Project: Sister Madonna

28mm by 18mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver

A number of months ago, I was asked to do a ten piece commission for the Sisters of Mercy, a Catholic order of nuns, that is linked to an organization called Dignity Health Services in Phoenix. The client wanted to commemorate the Sisters' years of service with something special that the Sisters would never purchase for themselves. In addition to the several Sisters, a number of laypeople were also to receive pendants so as to remember their time and work with the Sisters.

This project has particular significance as these Sisters are some of the last of the Sisters of Mercy, as the order is no longer making nuns. 

To that end, my customer and I began discussing what I would create. We decided on a custom size of oval, as she wanted round or oval to symbolize that the Sisters' work would continue on with what Dignity Health is building for the future. Each pendant--somewhere--would contain a blend of colour that was a close match to the Sisters of Mercy colour, burgundy. The pendants will be blessed by a priest before being given to the recipients.

This first pendant is simply that blend that is the Sister of Mercy colour we decided would be the unifying theme of the ten pendants. It is going to Sister Madonna, who is 78, and has been with the order for over 50 years! That degree of dedication is truly remarkable.