Mosaic Textures Green

7" by 5" - Fused glass elements, smalti, marble, vitreous glass, Van Gogh glass, Eco smalti
Available at Mosaic Morphosis

As a way to incorporate many textures in an abstract way, I decided to fuse a glass "grid" of sorts to delineate various section. I'm really very pleased with the result.

When I teach the Mosaic Textures class in Los Angeles at Mosaic Morphosis, we will be adding a fuming component to the class. I'm really excited about this, as using fused components in mosaic really opens up a whole new level of exploration. So many possibilities, so little time....


Margot said…
Hi Margo,
Another wonderful project. I have been wanting to try fusing but do not yet have the necessary tools. Its on my artistic bucket list. I've been looking at the Van Gogh glass for a while but have not yet ordered any.

Your work is alway inspiring.

Blessings, Margot