The Backsplash: Episode 2

On weekends, I work at a local diner, so I haven't had as much time to work on the backsplash. I've managed another couple of feet, the skinny section about the stove and under the microwave. Realigning the mesh and template after removing a couple of sections was a little more difficult than I anticipated but I think I managed alright. You can see a section cut off here.

On another note, I've also acquired another huge project. An artist friend of mine was commissioned to do a large mosaic on a column in a local junior high school. Although a mosaic enthusiast, she has very little experience working in mosaic. She asked me to come in at the start of the project to get her going on the right path. While there, she asked the principal of the school if there was money for her to keep me on for the project's duration, and received a positive response. So in addition to working on this backsplash, I'm also working on this new project about 18 hours a week, plus my waitressing job. So if I blog belatedly, or sporatically, please forgive me!