"Nugget" - SOLD

6" by 7" - Pyrite nuggets, Mexican Smalti, Eco Smalti

I hadn't really worked with the speckled Eco Smalti until now, and now I'm lamenting that Bisazza isn't making it anymore. I'm a big fan of complementary colors, and to find a smalti that has its complement right in the tile is just dreamy. The Mexican smalti in the center is the same red I worked with 2 days ago with "The Watchers". Embarrassingly, they are the snippets I picked up off my studio floor. See Mom...my lack of tidiness comes in handy once in awhile!


Anonymous said…
Wonderful choice of materials to go with the eco smalti. I just love it.
Anonymous said…
this is cool, Margo! I think this is quite a great challenge you've set up for yourself. I'm looking forward to checking in frequently to see the new work. I bet I'm going to be seriously tempted to own one of these!
I love that you are doing this mosaic a day. I've been wanting to do it myself for a year now since I saw another artist doing something similar (Beth Norton). You've inspired me further, though I don't know how you manage to find the time! It looks like you don't grout most/all of them? Will look forward to more! :-)