30mm by 30mm - Mosaic gold, dichroic glass in sterling silver
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Though I may be grounded at the moment, I've had a great time these past years living a rather jetset life. I end up with favourite places, restaurants, bars, dishes, drinks...all of which require me to revisit when I end up near by. Back in 2018, I spent some time in Athens, and discovered that the city has some absolutely astounding rooftop bars, which are always a favourite of mine to begin with. But a bar comes with THIS view, I know without question that it's on the must do list:

View from the A is for Athens rooftop bar
What I didn't expect was that I'd remember the following year what I drank on the occasion. But back at the same bar, I found myself ordering the same thing I'd enjoyed for the first time the previous year, a clean, crisp Vidiano, a delicious wine from Crete. A gorgeous pale golden colour, I was lucky enough to enjoy it with a stunner of a sunset the second time around, reflected beautifully in my glass. It doesn't get much better than that.