The Unexpected

28mm by 18mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver

I think I've mentioned that I've been doing a lot of running in the past few months, and truthfully a lot of general working out. I knew going into this time where my life suffered a complete upset/grinding halt was going to be an issue if I wasn't working out both regularly and pretty intensely. So with that in mind, I've started working out a great deal, as anyone who is also my friend on Facebook may have noticed. 

Prior to becoming nomadic, I exercised a lot as well, running regularly including races, and lifting weights in my basement. But despite trying from time to time, I've never really managed to implement a regular workout regime while on the road. Sure, I carry my running gear everywhere, but there have often been MONTHS from one lacing up of the sneakers to the next. As you might expect, as the years have progressed, I've noticed my strength and endurance dwindle. 

So having this concentrated chunk of time to attempt to regain what I've lost has been welcome. But I'm truly floored by how well my body has responded. It's been only four months, but I have begun to run distances I haven't run in almost 7 years. I'm not even that much slower either. Sometimes I'll set out for a run, and completely obliterate my last time on that distance, without really planning to, like I did earlier today. Of course, some days I still have to fight for every kilometre, but on the whole I'm pretty surprised by how quickly my fitness has returned to pre-nomadic levels. 

I guess, in this world where all the unexpected things are happening right now, the unexpected is to be expected. I just like that I can continue to surprise myself. And life's like that anyways—sometimes you surprise yourself, sometimes you fight for every every gain. Maybe the point is to just keep striving.