Indian Sari

28mm by 7mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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So I spent last Christmas in India. My travel companion, the Indomitable Abbie, told me at the outset of the holiday that her one must do was to wear a sari at Christmas. I agreed that this was a great idea, and so began the search. She managed to enlist the help of a couple of local fellows, who drove us from the tourist beachside town we were in to the nearest "proper" town and took us to a sari shop. After a difficult choice, I picked a turquoise, indigo, and gold number with tiny sewn in mirrors. We were then whisked off to the nearest seamstress, who worked out of her home, which was an adventure in itself. Two days later, our hemmed saris, and altered under shirts were altered and delivered. 

The Youtube videos we watched only served to confound us further as to how to wrap these 18 foot long pieces of fabric around us. So we found a lovely female bar owner who was willing to help. 

I don't know if I have ever felt so elegant, nor so hot. Usually the sari is wrapped to expose less than I did, but I was DYING of heat. We went to a massive party that is held annually in this town, and had a splendid time.