Welcome to the Jungle

28mm by 7mm - Mosaic gold, smalti in sterling silver
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So Egypt is, well, a certain special kind of crazy. It's hard to explain the traffic, and a video, doesn't quite convey the level of sphincter squeezing that occurs when trying to get anywhere, either by car or foot. Perhaps the best way to explain it is an anecdote from Canada.

The whole family (six adults) is piled into my dad's minivan, one a road trip from the Fraser River Valley to Seattle. The Father is driving. Suddenly the entire family, save me, jumps in unison, with loud cries, "Whoa!"

I look up, completely confused by everyone's sudden reaction. Turns out a car had gotten too close for Canadian comfort. I, however, was completely non plussed⏤that car wasn't close! I quickly realized that I had a new level of what passes for "too close" thanks to Egypt. 

So be careful, it's a jungle out there.