Blessing - SOLD

45mm by 15mm- Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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So for most of the winter, I've been teaching art and substitute teaching at the American International School in Cairo. Before Christmas, the principal of the school asked if I would make something custom for his wife. It had been ages since he has bought her jewelry, and he was excited to give her a one of a kind piece of art. 

As we started talking about the design and colours, he admitted to me that he himself was colour blind. So unfortunately, merely talking about colours didn't help him much in terms of making a decision. We had several ideas as to how to overcome this, one involving him taking pictures of her closet or other jewelry items so I knew what colours she liked. Eventually as I showed him a few photos of my work, he said decidedly, "Those colours. I know she wears whatever those are...those are blues and greens, right?" Indeed they were. The addition of the cross was also at his suggestion to honour his wife's faith.

Designing this pendant with and creating it for a man who so evidently wanted to please his wife was heartwarming. Nothing is more fantastic than two people who feel blessed to have each other in their lives.