12m by 12mm - Mosaic gold, smalti, filati in sterling silver
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One thing I had to give up, at least temporarily, when I started my crazy nomadic life was the regular creation of fine art mosaics, which take too much space, materials, supplies, and time to be possible on the road. My travel kit for the jewelry is about 7kg, and I can make dozens of pieces without a restock, whereas 7kg would create a single, unwieldy mosaic. The choice to focus nearly exclusively on jewelry was one necessitated by logistics.

As much as I was happy to have a choice that made my dream lifestyle possible, giving up a permanent studio and the fine art side of mosaics was difficult on my heart. I had to make peace with simply bringing beauty into the world, without a bigger artistic message or meaning. Creating beauty, I accepted, was enough. Interestingly, I've found my own personal meaning in it, an internal beauty in the piecing together of objects that bring such joy to many. Beauty is enough.