Surf's Up - SOLD

40mm by 25mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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When I was in SE Asia a year ago, I decided I wanted to learn a few new things. Of course, I automatically learn when I travel, everyday there is something new to absorb and process, but there were a things I wanted to learn deliberately, like how I had taken cooking classes in each country the previous time I was in the region. This time I decided to focus on water sports, and so first learned to scuba dive in Thailand, and then to surf in Bali. I took a couple of private lessons two days in a row, and got comfortable enough to just start renting a board and going for it. I can't wait to do it again!

But seriously, make time for a few deliberate lessons on something when you travel. Coming home with new skills as well as new memories keeps those memories going for the rest of your life. I still make a mean Cambodian spring roll.