Changes - SOLD

28mm by 7mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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As I'm sure you're aware, I do a lot of jewelry pieces with "gradients", where the the colours change from one to another. One thing I've discovered is that on this nomad path, one needs to learn to be comfortable with change. Some of it is easy, as it is planned, but the unplanned changes are the ones that always still hit me over the head sometimes. I like to think though, that these pieces I make are a meditation of sorts on the subject of change. And interestingly, many people feel I do these gradients better than anyone...indeed, I think I could do a gradient in my sleep, I've done so many of them. Evidently, change can be a very beautiful thing, whether chosen or thrust upon you. Now if only I could accept the unexpected changes with the ease I create them in my jewelry!