Deep Sea Diver

65mm by 20mm - Mosaic gold and electroplated labradorite in sterling silver
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I really love how this one turned out. I've done something similar before with pearls, but when I started playing around with this piece of labradorite, it immediately made me think of a drop. But it's also a little like the first time I went scuba diving in open water and we descended hand over hand down a line into the depths of the Gulf of Thailand. 


Unknown said…
Hello Margo, I love your mosaics, especially your jewelry. I was booked to do a class with you in Melbourne but it was cancelled so I wonder if I could ask you please from where you buy the blanks/bezels for your pieces. I would like to try following your method until you're able to come back to Oz. Jayess
Margo Anton said…
HI Joyce,

I get the bezels I use in classes from I get the smaller bezels that I use there as well, but the larger sterling silver blanks I have custom made for me in Indonesia.