"Untitled"- NFS

6" by 5" - Mexican and Eco Smalti

I did it, I finally did it! I finally achieved proper "Spilimbergo" modern style. Of course, then I had to go auction it off to raise money for art scholarships at a college I teach at every summer, which is why it isn't for sale. But it's super abstract, super pleasing to the eye (well, my eye at least), and I love it.

Which brings me to the the contrast and compare part of today's blog entry. While looking at this one, I was struck by how far I've come in 6 1/2 years of mosaic. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is my first mosaic, from January of 2003:

A wee bit of a difference, no?


Concetta said…
That is very stunning Margo - well done. Concetta (glitteringshards)