"Teeny Bit of Pride" - NFS

Approx. 1 3/4" by 1 3/8" - Dichroic glass, stained glass, filati and marble on sterling silver base
Okay, so I jumped the gun on returning to the mosaic a day project. I just wrapped up a week of teaching in Red Deer, AB. My students were amazing, and produced wonderful mosaics, despite most of them having no experience with the medium.
This piece is a commission based on a pendant that I sold at the SAMA conference. Both pendants are based on a piece I did a few years back, called "Pride", a huge peacock feather with a marble background. I may need to create one of these pendants for myself someday....


Anonymous said…
Hi Margo,

If you don't mind my asking, where do you get the silver bases for your jewelery? They are just fantastic! I don't see anything near that quality in my supply books. Beautiful work! I love seeing your new mosaics each day!
Margo Anton said…
I get them from Tiles and Tools in the Netherlands. Scroll down the blog to find the link under the list of suppliers.