"A Jungle of Mistakes"- SOLD

6" by 7" - Smalti, mosaic gold

So after the mosaic high of yesterday with "Penguins Marching", which was so exciting to produce, and received so many lovely comments, I just couldn't get inspired today. First I tried something similar to PM, but with rocky mountains, and it just wasn't working. Just tired and blah--so I organized a shelf of smalti. Still no inspiration.
And so today, I present a mosaic "what-not-to-do". I created this while teaching an indirect class shortly before the conference. I thought it could be a back up daily mosaic in case of illness, or odd life events. But when it got flipped over, I hated it. Still do. The main issue: Can anyone besides me tell that there is a fantastically formed fern in the background? This is what happens when you don't use enough tonal contrast from your foreground to the background. So instead, it just looks like some nice leaves with a weird red line running through the middle. Dang.


...Hermosa Inspiración Me Encanta Tus Comentarios Auténticos , saludos..