"Coming Apart at the Seams" - SOLD & "Red Swirl Pendant"

6" by 6" - Sea Urchin Spines, smoky quartz, pearls, marble

WHEW! What a weekend. I actually created this yesterday, but didn't have a minute to post. For those of you who don't know, I work a part-time job waitressing, and strangely, this piece is kind of how I feel at the end of this weekend. Almost coming apart at the seams, what with people calling in sick with no replacements, people starting and getting fired the same shift, people just not showing up..... I did, however, love using this many sea urchin spines all at once. It felt so decadent to do. And since I didn't post this yesterday, you get a second mosaic today:

Red Swirl Pendant

Approx: 2.3" by 0.7" - Mosaic gold, filati, silver plate base, sterling silver chain

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I don't know if anyone noticed that I also mentioned I might make jewelry. I have a fascination with tiny things. When I first learned origami, I promptly went home and found out how small I could make a paper crane. This prompted my first entrepreneurship as an origami jewelry artist--at the age of 12. I might be considered a little crazy for working so small, but I really enjoy it.


Stef said…
Love the spines!!!!! Looked at it and it instantly reminded me of the crazy log that washed up on shore in Koh Chang when Blythe and I were there in January and it had the sea urchins all over it!!!!! Moving and sifting! Great job Margo!!! I dig it!!!! Very realistic!
dyanna said…
I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.
Erin said…
You know... I think this is my favourite so far... I can understand why it's sold already!
Gorgeous and prolific use of urchin spines! The darker outlining of the spines adds perfect, yet subtle, drama.. if there is such a thing (subtle drama?)... you know what I mean! LOL