I'm On a Boat!

45mm by 15mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver

I love it when life hands you unexpected gifts, particularly when those gifts come at just the right time. A few days ago, over a beer, asked if I wanted to go on a boat trip the following day. Hell yeah I did!

The next day was the last of those days of weather perfection I talked about in my last post. I have never been out on the sea when it was that calm. I met some great new people, who might even turn into possible business contacts. I was on the boat with one of my besties here, and not unsurprisingly, we laughed a lot. The water seemed warmer and clearer than it ever has, and swimming in that deep blue, having jumped from the boat like a kid, was so good for my soul. The scenery seemed even more stunning than usual, though I still haven't tired of it after despite visiting for the last seven seasons. The wine served came from a bottle, not a box (though the boxed wine here is fabulous), and the dinner cooked for us was so delicious. Santorini has magic, and it was in abundant evidence the entire trip.

It will reign as possibly one of the best days I've had here, ever. 

I'm on a boat!

The iconic Red Beach

Oia from the Caldera

Pharos (Lighthouse)