20mm diameter - Mosaic gold, smalti in sterling silver
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The week I first arrived back to Canada, my sister came home triumphantly displaying some stunning pink azaleas. They were potted, so we expected them to last a few weeks. Well, we only had to say goodbye to these beauties in the last couple days, after giving us seven weeks of pleasure.

As they adorned our dining room table, they were featured in many of our food photos, because, well, who isn't taking pictures of their food and showing each other these days? Here is one that shows both an incredible birthday meal I made myself, and the lovely azaleas:
Beef Wellington perfection
I'd also like to make a special announcement to my blog readers. The Society of American Mosaic Artists conference was supposed to be held this coming week in Tucson, AZ. As I have for the past countless years, I have been diligently creating jewelry for this event. Since that event—my favourite week of the year—will not be running, I've decided to have my first ever sale as consolation! From May 11-May 17, all my jewelry will be 10% off. I'll have a link to the browsing page set up first thing on Monday. But also, I'll be extending this 10% off to any commissions I receive during the week! So if you've been considering a custom order, now is the perfect time to talk to me about it!