Love in the Time of Covid

20mm diameter - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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I know a lot of people who are getting pressure to "do something" with their quarantine, like take this time to learn a language, start a new creative project, launch a side hustle, organize their closets, etc. I read something the other day that suggested that in terms of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, societally we are currently down at the level of needing just our physiological and safety needs met. While I totally understand where this person was coming from—maybe now isn't the time to focus on self fulfillment if you've got a house of frustrated children, an out of work spouse, and so forth—I also disagree that simply focusing on the bottom two levels of physical needs what not enough. 

For me, the third level of belongingness and love needs are huge right now, even if none of us have a full feeling of saftey and security right now. I know I am needier in regards to love than I usually am. It's like the uncertainty in the world makes me crave love even more, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. Unfortunately, we also can't go and SEE each other in person, so this has really changed what love looks like. 

So what does love look like, in the Time of Covid (this is what my sister and I use for our "official" terminology)? Love is grinding coffee the night before so that the noise doesn't wake the person who sleeps later. Love is making lunches and dinners that are favourite foods, but also healthy. Love is reminding someone to take their hand sanitizer. Love is sending funny memes and videos to someone. Love is all these zoom chats we are having. Love is arranging a long distance game of Cards Against Humanity being played from 3 different continents. Love is near daily Facetimes with my man who is across an ocean. Love is being as kind as possible and trying not to have bad days simultaneously. Love is driving across a city to look for a lost cat from a social distance. Love is dropping homemade cookies on doorsteps. Love is remembering to compliment frequently and use lots of lovey emojis . Love is encouraging others and helping people stay positive on their bad days. Love is allowing people to have said bad days and not make them feel worse for having them. Love is topping up someone's wine. Love is trying not to talk too much about the dismal parts of the news if that is what the other requests. Love is staying inside to keep everyone safe. 

Sure, there are some aspects where we are not seeing love right now. But as for me, I am seeing the love everywhere I look. The grocery store workers who continue to show up. The front line medical staff who put their lives at risk. The restaurant and delivery people who keep the doors open so I can get a break from my own cooking. My local wine merchant who takes orders over the phone and then delivers to the vehicle. It's all some good stuff.

The love is everywhere right now. I hope you're seeing some too. ❤️

(Incidently, these are my first ever cufflinks! What do you think?)