Let's Get Physical

12mm square - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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I realized, as the train was winding its way through the outskirts of Thessaloniki that I had one last bit of key advice to dispense to the girl on the train. 

"Stay active."

It's suggested that only 5% of us get the recommended 180 minutes of vigorous activity a week. I sure as heck know that I don't. But when I do, EVERYTHING about my life improves. I sleep better. Carrying my heavy suitcase gets easier. My back doesn't act up as much. My clothes fit better and my self esteem increases.

It's so much more though. Physical and visual benefits aside, I know of not one single thing that is better for my mental health than exercise. My mother likes to say that I ran my way out of my marriage. There's nothing like a good run or hard workout to help my brain. Not only have I just accomplished something concrete that immediately makes me feel good about myself, but problems and solutions seem to become clearer, and in some cases minimized, a very good thing for an overthinker like myself. 

And on that note, after I get back from Adelaide, I think it's time to take my own advice and lace up the running shoes again.


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