The Backsplash: Finished!

My apologies for the huge wait on this post. I have been working on too many projects all at once to even think straight most of the time. Here are a few pictures of the installation and completed work.
Here's a pic of me pushing some of the first sections in:

Here's the backsplash partly installed:

Putting in one of the last sections:

Sometimes you have to get a little uncomfortable for your art:

But the finished project is worth it!

In all seriousness, though this backsplash isn't created in my usual style, I really had a good time making and installing it. Of course, the fact that I could expect a succession of seafood feasts and steak dinners when all was done was certainly a boon. Naturally, my father now thinks we need to remove the bottom half tiles and finish the project with more field tile and a border. I figure, if he keeps the filet mignon and crab legs coming, he can have whatever he wants....


Vicki B said…
It looks gorgeous Margo! Just curious how you found the installation? Any unforeseen problems? Any tips for others who have not done this type of installation? Were you happy with the firm panels that the double direct with thinset created? And will this be grouted? Love your Blog!:)
Fabulous, dahlink. Your dad is a lucky man.
Congrats, it looks wonderful! Love the picture of you on the counter - we get into the funniest positions sometimes :-)