"Reaching" - SOLD

6" by 7" - Dichroic glass and marble

I just got a big shipment of dichroic glass, and there was a texture in there that I'd never seen in person: herringbone ripple. I thought the ripples looked like branches or roots. Some clever cutting, and I managed to extract individual ripples. And then, because I'm a sucker for dichro and marble, I paired it with black marble. Another day of working with materials I love.


Erin said…
ok I finally changed my password so I can comment un-anonymously!
I really like the opus for the background on this one. The movemnt really makes the piece.
I'd love to see the dichroic in person... almost doesn't look real!!! But in a good way. (I also like how you posted it at 3 minutes to midnight... LOL sweet!)
Margo Anton said…
Hi Erin,

The dichro does look a little otherworldly. And yes, I was down to the wire that day with my post--I had finished the mosaic earlier, but then posting was hurried--and late!